What is the cost of Knee Replacement Surgery?


Knee replacement surgery is a procedure that involves replacing the damaged or worn out parts of your knee with new artificial parts. The surgery is also known as knee arthroplasty.

During the surgery, the damaged cartilage and bone are removed from your knee joint and replaced with new artificial parts. These new parts may be made from metal, plastic or ceramic.

The surgery is usually done to relieve pain and improve the function of your knee. It may also be done to correct deformities in your knee or to repair damage from an injury.

Which factors decide the cost of knee replacement surgery?

There are a few factors that influence the cost of knee replacement surgery. The first is the type of implant used & whether it is partial or total knee replacement. Generally, more expensive implants come with a longer warranty and require less follow-up care. They are also associated with fewer complications.

Another important factor is the surgeon's fee. Surgeons who have more experience and are considered to be experts in knee replacement surgery typically charge more than those who are newer to the field.

Location can also play a role in the cost of surgery. Procedures performed in major metropolitan areas often cost more than those done in rural areas.

Finally, insurance coverage can impact the final cost of surgery. Some insurance plans cover a greater percentage of the total cost than others. Patients who have to pay for a larger portion of the surgery out-of-pocket often end up spending more overall.

In general, knee replacement surgery is a very expensive procedure. The exact cost will vary depending on the individual patient's situation. However, it is important to remember that the cost of the surgery is only one part of the equation.

The long-term success and function of the knee joint are much more important than the initial cost of the procedure.

Who is the ideal candidate for knee replacement?

Knee replacement surgery is usually recommended for people who have severe pain and disability from knee arthritis. Non-surgical treatments, such as medication, weight loss, and physical therapy, have not provided enough relief.

Your doctor may also recommend knee replacement surgery if you have:

  • ● A knee deformity that limits your range of motion
  • ● Moderate to severe osteoarthritis in both knees
  • ● Severe pain and swelling
  • ● Limited activity because of pain or stiffness
  • ● X-ray evidence of joint damage

You may be less likely to have a successful outcome if you :

  • ● Are overweight.
  • ● Have had previous surgery on your knee.
  • ● Have an infection in the area around your knee.
  • ● Smoke cigarettes.
  • ● Have diabetes or another condition that affects blood flow.
  • ● Knee replacement surgery is not usually recommended for people with: - Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), although some people with RA may benefit from this surgery.
  • ● An active infection in the area around your knee.
  • ● Severe osteoporosis, which makes it difficult to place the implant correctly - A condition that limits blood flow to your leg.
  • ● A condition that makes it difficult for you to follow instructions or participate in rehabilitation after surgery, such as dementia.

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Cost of Knee Replacement in India

The cost of knee replacement surgery in India may vary depending on the type of surgery that is required. For instance, a partial knee replacement costs less than a total knee replacement. Additionally, the hospital or clinic that you choose to have your surgery performed at will also affect the price.

Types of knee replacement surgeries

There are two main types of knee replacement surgery: partial and total.

Partial Knee replacement surgery is a less invasive surgery, where only the damaged parts of the knee are replaced. It may be a good option for people who have arthritis in only one part of their knee.

Total Knee replacement surgery is a more extensive surgery, which replaces the entire knee joint. It may be a good option for people who have arthritis in both knees, severe pain and swelling, limited activity because of pain or stiffness, or X-ray evidence of joint damage.

Typically, the cost of surgery ranges from Rs. 1,50,000/- to Rs. 7,56,000/-. However, it is important to remember that the cost of knee replacement surgery can vary greatly based on your individual needs and situation

If you are interested in finding out more about the cost of knee replacement surgery in India, be sure to consult a knee replacement surgeon or an orthopaedic doctor for more information.

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